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this entire panel, well guys, i'm sorry. that is wrap on news watch this week. thanks to our panel. i'm rick folbaum. keep >>. >> gregg: welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather chill ders. topping the news this hour a historic week ahead as congress begins official debate on new gun control legislation. we'll have a live report from washington and leaders from both sides speak out. >> gregg: plus, congress could be very close to a deal on reforming immigration. will it still protect our borders while dealing with millions of people inside the country?
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>> heather: i know you saw this, seen around the world. the tiger woods controversy at the masters. >> gregg: let's begin with the latest efforts to ease tensions on the korean peninsula. john kerry making a final push today in japan after meeting with leaders in south korea and china yesterday. now, all of this is happening amid fears hours from now north korea is preparing to mark the anniversary of the founding leader with a full-fledged missile launch. greg palkot is from streaming live from seoul, south korea. what is the latest? >> reporter: hey, gregg, it is friday here in seoul, south korea. no signs 6 any launch but a lot of signs of shall. secretary kerr have i wrapping up his visit right now. he met on sunday with the japanese foreign minister.
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he says they do want to reach out and partner in negotiations with north korea with the aim of de-nuclearization in the north. he says it will defend the south and allies especially about a positive possible missile launch. >> north has to understand, i believe must by now, that it's threats and move indications are going -- prove vocations are going to isolate to them any further. >> on sunday, it rejected the calls for dialogue, calling them a clever trick and saying that in fact the u.s. which has dropped the confrontational approach. meanwhile, the dangerous missile sets for possible firing but a u.s. official has told us that he doesn't believe a launch is imminent.
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it is mobile based so it could quickly be readied. those celebrations marking the birthday of the founder are set to start in a couple of hours. we will be watching, gregg, for any fireworks, perhaps of a ballistic nature. >> gregg: we'll check back with you. it is already april sa79dz in north korea and celebrations for celebrations set to begin any moment. he was born in a village near the city of pyongyang and he rose to power in 1948. in 1950 he tried to invade south korea and was forced to retreat. he signed a nuclear non-proliferation treaty meant to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. he died after a heart attack at the age of 82.
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>> heather: new tension over iran's nuclear program. new reports that the country is expanding the production of a key chemical needed to create a nuclear warhead. coner powell is live. >> north korea may be grabbing headlines but there is growing concerns about iran's nuclear ambition. it said it successfully tested through new rockets. an arm spokesman describe them as surface to ground missiles but the army claimed they were for deterrent purposes and not part of their nuclear program which they claim is only for civilian purposes. still, it comes on the heels of the islamic republic's announcement they would increase uranium production adding to the concerns is the growing ineffectiveness of the nuclear talks with iran. despite another round of talks just last week, diplomats admit that iran and the united states
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remain far, far apart. the fear is if the stalemate continues iran may be buying time to finish off building that nuclear weapon. president obama and israeli leaders here in jerusalem say they will not allow it to happen. they believe iran is watching the way they are dealing with north korea and the longer the stalemated continues, the more determined many people think iran will be to get a nuclear weapon because the lesson learned is once you have the weapon, it's very tough to do anything about it. >> heather: coner, thank you. >> gregg: tensions are boiling over at guantanamo bay. prisoners clashing with guards as inmates were being moved from a communal area back to their individual cells. prison spokesman reporting only minor injuries in the riot. they say the raid was necessary due to a week long protest that
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had gotten out of hand. u.s. senate is preparing debated this week on the biggest gun control bill in almost two decades. some lawmakers are getting a head start by voicing their opinions on the sunday political talk shows and emotions are running high. steve centanni, what are the bill's chances in the senate? >> they spoo sponsored the bill and they said it will be very close. it greatly expands background checks closing the so-called gun show loophole and deals with gun traffick and school security, as well. toomey says it's a common sense approach and won't taking in anybody's rights away. >> the senator and you are not willing to support the legitimate rights of law abiding citizens. this is whether or not it is
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reasonable to try to make it more difficult for dangerous people who already illegal to have weapons to obtain them. i think that is very reasonable thing. >> reporter: they made the rounds of the sunday talk shows. >> gregg: great many opponents of the bill or bills. what are they saying about them? >> there is strong opposition. background checks won't keep criminals from obtaining weapons. there needs to be a greater focus on dealing with mental health issues and violence in the popular media. listen. >> i'm not for symbolism over substance. we can't pat ourselves on the back and we're going to pass enhanced penalties for trafficking or other issues or background checks when they don't really go to solve the problems that cause these terrible tragedies. >> reporter: a similar gun measure would be unveiled in the house where it will face an uphill battle as well.
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>> heather: to another hot button issue, immigration reform. marco rubio and a bipartisan group of senators known as the gang of eight unveiling their plan to overhaul the immigration system this week. are we close to a deal? peter doocy reporting from washington. >> illegal immigrants are enjoying a policy that marco rubio described today as de facto amnesty and if they want to stay they need to pay fines and get jobs. >> amnesty is anything that says do it illegally. it will be cleanup cheaper and easier. under the existing law, if you are illegally in the united states you are motd prohibited from getting a green card. the only thing you have to go back to your home country and wait ten years and then you can apply for it. iel we're saying we're going to create an alternative. >> another member of the gang of
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eight it will be public next week. >> all the disagreements are resolved and i expect the eight 6 us will introduce a bill on tuesday. >> reporter: outside some think the colleagues are on the wrong track. >> we need to ask how this new flow of workers is going to be double the current flow of legal workers in the future in addition to those that will be legalize. >> reporter: border security is critical to immigration success. senator durbin says stopping 90% of the illegal border crossing is a trigger for other parts of law. >> every republican said we need to start with border security and we'll stick around for the rest of the conversation. i think we kept faith on that issue. >> reporter: senator john cornyn says he is encouraged about the plan but he needs to read it before he can support it. >> heather: peter, thank you. also coming up our political
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panel will weigh in on the immigration debate. >> gregg: a tour bus crash leaves every passenger on board injured. the bus rolling onto an embankment after leaving yosemite park. it came to rest against a tree which likely stopped it from plummeting. investigators believe speed was a factor in the crash. 17 people on board when it happened. the driver is the only one who was not injured. >> heather: severe storm watch for the northern part of the country, up to a foot of snow could be possible as a major storm blows through the area. it comes as people in minnesota are still trying to clean up from tuesday's ice storm where a thick layer of ice snapped trees and power lines. close to 2,000 people still without power. tomorrow another round of snow will impact the north central u.s. parts of north dakota could see
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15 inches and gusty winds could create some blizzard-like conditions. a threat for severe weather exists for the central and southern plains where damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will be a concern throughout most of the week. >> gregg: out with the old and in with the new. say goodbye to city hall. we'll tell you what is happening here. >> heather: not everybody gets the perk of paid sick leave but should a nationwide debated growing. >> gregg: and former judge is arrested for making terror threats, questions now, if this could be connected somehow to the murders of two texas prosecutors. we've got a live look at that report. >> essentially he lost everything he was involved with. that is pretty big blow to a
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines, authorities say a woman has died and one man is still missing after a pair of
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avalanches east of seattle. the search for the missing hiker has been suspended indefinitely because of poor weather conditions. >> a missing man has been reunited with his mother. they issued an alert but later received a tip he was with his father. >> look at this demolition crews imploded el paso city hall. it's making room for a aaa baseball stadium. gregg? >> gregg: growing controversy now over the question of paid sick leave. should it be required by law or is it just a perk? currently five cities have laws requiring employers to pay sick time and lawmakers in philadelphia have answered the question. they have rejected paid sick leave. earlier the mayor had vetoed it and there wasn't enough votes to
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override the veto. joining us is patricia powell. those that support it helps worker relations and improves productivity, does it? >> it's hard to imagine how it's going to happen. those that support it tends to come from the left. they tend to be democratic, politically but also organizations like the partnership for women and families where they are looking at women who are lower paid, they struggle more and need more time off. they are third of the workers that don't get paid time off. >> gregg: it protects public health from exposure to sickness, a lot of people sick, they are going to go to work sick. for example, 81% of the workers in food industry in portland don't get paid sick leave. so i'm not sure i want to be having lunch at a dine they are portland, oregon? >> i don't necessarily disagree with you. what is happening here, the
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government piling on. it's one more thing on top of obamacare, on top of workers' compensation and top of social security. how many things can you expect businesses to pay for. >> gregg: those that oppose paid sick leave, it could cost jobs or even worse. let's put this up on the screen. quote, it forces small businesses operated weigh narrow profit margins to sacrifice productivity and sales which will ultimately result in job losses and business enclosures i think she is right. it comes in small doses. how many things do you do you didn't see ten years ago. do you check yourself out at the grocery store. do you go to kiosk when you rent a car? are you checking in at airport
1:19 pm
now. those are jobs that disappeared. why did they disappear because we keep piling on costs. i don't know if you are going to be ordering from a restaurant from electronic menu but this is how jobs sneak out of the system. big employers don't care because they are paying sick time. what they are also doing they are looking at small competitors he will be less competitive. >> gregg: i would imagine that businesses worry about abuses for mandatory paid sick leave. people will inevitablely, they are going to call in sick when they are not sick and you are paying people not to work? >> interesting you bring that up. san francisco that has the law since 2007, what they found that employers were providing, say, paid vacation, they shortened the vacation to offset the paid sick time. it's basically because once you
1:20 pm
make it a right, if you are entitled five days, you are going to take it whether or not you are sick. >> gregg: some businesses are saying, this is an unfunded mandate. it doesn't add a single job when we need to add jobs? >> you look at who it affects. teenage jobs, they can't find jobs. they need some kind of jobs and making them less and less valuable. >> gregg: how about a compromise? you can't fire a worker for calling in sick? >> that is dangerous as well because i've had workers in my own office. you look at the record they can't seem to make it two weeks without calling in sick. it's always monday. you have to be really careful about that. you don't want to do is intrude on the relationship between the employer and the employee. what you want to do is to help those employees at the very bottom get the skills they need
1:21 pm
to rise up and not be at that same level. >> gregg: another example of government being in business -- especially nanny bloomberg. good to see you. >> heather: still to come, growing concerns over the bird flu outbreak in china. there is no cure or vaccination and it is spreading. we'll have the latest from health officials. >> gregg: florida senator marco rubio leading the charge on immigration reform. a look at what we can expect in congress and what impact the bill could have on his political future. that is coming up in a fair and balanced debate. >> i would argue to you it will be cheaper, faster and easier for people to go back home and wait ten years to go through the process i've outlined. that is why it's not amnesty. most people think that after an accident,
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>>. >> gregg: bottom of the hour, time for top of the news, china on high alert as death toll rises in 13 in the bird flu outbreak. more than 50 people have been infected. this is the first time it's been found in humans. >> heather: venezuelans heading to the polls to elect a new president, weeks after the death of hugo chavez. a look at the candidates and how this election will shape venezuela's future. >> gregg: people in the central mexican town scrambling to discard volcanic ash before it contaminates the water supply. it shot ash more than a thousand feet into the air. we're following the investigation into the shocking murders of those two prosecutors in texas, eric williams, a former justice of the peace is now in police custody. he is charged with making a
1:27 pm
terrorist threat. f.b.i. agents searched his home on friday gathering evidence as part of this ongoing probe. dominic joins us live from los angeles. are they naming him as a suspect? >> reporter: they are sticking to the charges of making a terrorist threat. they are not confirming or denying he will be charged. now, we are hearing newest reports coming out that he may be so. in an email they said this. williams has not been charged with any murder and we have not named any suspect, prime suspect or persons of interest in the case. investigation continues and all leads and tips continue to be worked. in that context, the authorities are apparently to double the award. they want to pump it up to $400,000 which those that no law enforcement say, its sign they
1:28 pm
may be short on clues. >> gregg: why would the f.b.i. and some other agencies searching through those two storage units? did they belong to williams? >> no confirmation they were his, but the feds did sweep through his house thoroughly on friday. the suspicion that the murderers had a grudge which criminal experts say could turn sorrow. >> there are literally numerous cases that go before prosecutors sometimes for the most routine of reason that create a rage and a sense of injustice and powerlessness in the person that faced them. >> reporter: before he ripped of his status, they have labeled
1:29 pm
williams and described his crime as evil form now the authorities haven't said anything about that but and the investigation continues. developments may happen soon. >> gregg: dominic, thanks. >> heather: senator marco rubio pushing a new bill on all the sunday morning talk shows. he is part of that gang of 8 we've been telling you about that is tasked with creating a new legislation. he drove home the point that the new bill is not amnesty. >> they don't qualify for any federal benefits. this is an important point. no food stamps, no welfare. no obamacare. th are gainfully employed. they have to be able to support themselves so they won't be a public charge. these are all the things they have to do to keep that status. the only thing that happens they will have to stay in that status for ten years and the triggers
1:30 pm
are met. then the only thing they get is a chance to apply for a green card via the legal immigration system. >> heather: joining us now for a fair and balanced debate, ford o'connell and el an ratner bureau chief of talk news radio services. let's just jump in on the issue of amnesty. according to rubio, he says it's the forgiveness of something without penalty. you heard him just there talking about the long list of qualifications that would have to go along with this. ford, do you think this plan is amnesty? >> no, i don't think this plan is amnesty. i think our current immigration system is amnesty because you have 11 million people running around with no fear of deportation and in some cases eligible for benefits. frankly, the senator is right
1:31 pm
but if the immigration bill is to get through the quickest thing he can make sure conservative base turnt torpedo this so kudos to senator rubio? >> so according to your understanding of a.m. necessary i if at this, do you think this plan -- amnesty, and hearing it is it? >> it's clearly not amnesty. i'm far to the left on this issue. i believe that we should give people a more chance because many of these people even under ground are paying taxes. i'm talking about social security doing it under a different social security number. >> heather: everyone agrees something needs to be done about immigration. this is a poll from the "wall street journal," i believe, in a pathway to citizenship.
1:32 pm
64% favor some sort of path way to citizenship. we have 11 million illegal immigrants right now. we have to figure out a way to deal with it. ford, do you think this plan will get bipartisan support? >> right now, i would argue is about 35-40%. my advice is following. let it go through the committee hearing. i do think both parties will get behind it. ski the right balance between border security, the visas and then the pathway to citizenship. a lot of folks may tell us all for a pathway to citizenship but in fact people don't know what the current immigration laws are. let's get it on there. i think it can get through. >> heather: and border security is still a trigger for citizenship. how do you feel about that? >> you know, i am very different view of border security. i wish the america, canada and mexico would have freer system
1:33 pm
where we could go there and start businesses and vice versa. i realize i'm on the far edge there. i think that, look, border security is a questionable issue because we haven't been able to do it. we put billions on our border security. it hasn't happened. so i think we may have to look at another option. >> heather: as part of this plan the senator said that 90% apprehension rate is the trigger and department of homeland security will have five years to pa meet that goal. do you think they can do it? >> i hope they can do it. i've been for immigration long before it was fashionable. having grown up on the texas mexican border i can tell you the key here is striking the right balance between border security, voisas and pathway to citizenship, at the end of the
1:34 pm
day it's not a republican or democratic problem, this is an american problem that needs to be modernized and strengthened. >> heather: i want to talk about senator rubio and political aspirations in the future. what do you think this will do for him? a run in 2016. he is really all in on this. he wasn't just on one sunday morning talk show he was in several? >> several people are looking for staff members. so he is clearly running for president. people i've already talked to. >> heather: did they talk to you? >> i'm the last person they wanted on their team. that is happening. so now the issue we know this the republicans got hit on women's issues, hispanic issues, gay issues. they need to bring those into their tent. this is something he is bringing them into the tend and we'll see
1:35 pm
if it is successful. >> i absolutely agree. he is preparing for 2016 run. a little birdie told me in the office. this could hurt him in the republican primary but the other first tier candidates, ryan, bush, christie, rand paul they are all for immigration reform. i do think it will hurt him in the primary but make him much more attractive candidate. three groups is hispanic, unmarried women and younger voters, if we can get through that with hillary clinton we could pull out the white house in 2016. >> heather: we'll be talking about it. several more times. thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it. you can see the entire interview with senator rubio on fox news sunday with chris wallace. it airs at 6:00 p.m..
1:36 pm
>> gregg: george w. bush is a grandfather. his daughter jenna and her husband will be welcoming a little girl or have welcomed a little girl. calling her mela for short. the former president and proud granddad sharing the happy news, saying mom and daughter are healthy. mela is the second great-grandchild of former president george herbert walker bush. >> heather: taxman cometh along with a new controversy. is the irs reading your personal emails. could be according to new reports. legal panel debates that up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>. >> gregg: if the irs wasn't popular enough already, new reports surfacing this week that the tax agency says, well, we can read your personal emails and text messages without a warrant. they say they don't targeted taxpayers this way. joining us to talk about us is rich el self. kesha, the documents that have been uncovered through a freedom of information act, that the irs receive electronic information from anybody without a warranty because they claim the without a warrant.
1:42 pm
right of the people to be secure in their person's houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures will not be violated. no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause. papers, that is the key word there. the founding fathers were very wise. there is no material difference, is there between an email and papers? >> no. think we need to keep in mind when the founding fathers drafted the constitution, there were no emails, no text messages, there wnoos facebook or twitter, but clearly there were papers with any type of permanent communication such as email or text message. irs's policy violates the fourth amendment. >> gregg: isn't there another federal law that applies here? >> yes, i think the federal wiretapping statute applies here, as well. what the irs is doing could be criminal because it shall be
1:43 pm
considered a violation to intercept any oral wire or electronic communication without a warrant. we don't have a warrant. we don't have a probable cause. we have a pesky thing that law enforcers don't like to talk about called the constitution which is very important in this case. they are relying on a law from 1986, okay, to say they have the right to be doing this. i'm sorry, i don't think they do. >> gregg: internet was in its infancy but the irs has issued the following statement. we'll put it on the screen. respecting taxpayer's rights and taxpayer privacy are cornerstone principles for the irs. oh, really? why does the irs handbook say the following. the fourth amendment does not protect communications held in electronic storage because internet users do not have a reasonable expectation of
1:44 pm
privacy in such communications. guess what? the current handbook, most recent one says the exact same thing? >> clearly they north getting it and changing it. people do have a reasonable expectation of privacy in electronic communication. most people are using that form of communication more than the postal service or more than paper communication. i think the handbook definitely needs to be revised, what the constitution's intent was. >> gregg: there was a sixth circuit court of appeals ruling saying, yes, electronic communications are protected by the fourth amendment. unbelievably they sent out an email saying, quote, i have not heard anything related to this opinion. oh, really? >> this whole thing is so shocking to me. for them to say they north using these emails in any sort of
1:45 pm
investigation, they are wasting their time reading them. they shouldn't be reading them and i believe that that people buy playboy for the articles. >> gregg: when they came up with this law, you have to have a warrant for anything over 180 days, do you think that most people have sort of forgotten that law except the irs? >> absolutely. i think what happened they do not think about what happens now. i think they are using technology to distorted or in all seriousness of our constitutional. >> gregg: 180 days, isn't that definition of arbitrary and capricious? >> i think it is. it wreaks of bad faith to know this unlawful in the sixth circuit but it hasn't been addressed in the sixth circuit.
1:46 pm
but despite we know this is totally wrong, nobody has told us not to. so we are going to go through your emails and i don't think that is right. >> gregg: supreme court has said you can't enact laws that are arbitrary and capricious. koesha you would expect congress to take action to modify or throw out this law? >> yes, i do. i think the other courts are going to follow suit with the circuit that has decided it's unconstitutional. >> gregg: rachel, kesha, good to see you. >> heather: controversy once again swirling around golfer tiger woods. this time it concerns something that happened on the court. how the bad drop could impact this year's masters and tiger woods legacy. license and registration please.
1:47 pm
what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app.
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>>. >> heather: controversy stalking tiger woods at this year's masters tournament all stemming from this. its bad ball drop that could have and some say should have led to his disqualification.
1:51 pm
joining us now is jeff foster the sports editor, jeff foster. when you saw this happen on friday, second round, did you think, immediately notice? >> i didn't notice it. obviously everybody was distracted because he hit the ball and went in the trap. i think tiger himself was frazzled. you know, he is supposed to drop and he has a couple of options but he is supposed to drop it where he hit it. he was couple feet back. that is where he broke the rule. >> heather: what is interesting, it was igsz viewer who noticed what had happened and called in pga officials and is this the only sport can happen? >> somebody calls and says it should have been a foul. a lot of people wanted him to be disqualified because he signed a
1:52 pm
score card that was wrong. there are so many rules in golf. new rule that says if they find something after the fact, to protect these guys being shown on replay, if they find something after the fact unknowingly did, they can waive the idea to be disqualified. that is what they did. >> heather: he unknowingly did it? >> i think he was so angry about the ball hitting the flag. he gets angry apparently. let's talk about good news in the masters. 14-year-old, made history the youngest ever to qualify for the masters. >> i could barely dress myself at 14. he got a stroke docked which people thought it was unfair bucks he still made the cut. i think he fell off. i don't know what he ended with. it's incredible he got that.
1:53 pm
>> heather: so he is kid to keep your eye on. the next topic that we want to talk about, is kobe bryant, he went on this crazy rant on facebook where he has been going on and on. >> he is gone now for the rest of the season. its long recovery. he is having surgery i think today. he is angry. >> heather: at 3:30 in the morning. >> he was very personal and a little weird at times. now, kobe has been playing so hard, he has been entire games. he is the reason lakers were in the position to make the playoffs. he is just frustrated. >> heather: elements we pulled out a couple different elements from the rant. the first one, he goes on to say all the training and sacrifice threw out the window with one step i have done millions of times and anger and rage.
1:54 pm
>> it's one of those injuries that is freakish. it can happen on any step. some people are going to want to point the finger to the laker's coach, this could have been prevented but i think it's bad luck. that is probably you see the rant there. >> heather: what about recovery? >> it's hard to say. he is 34. she not young, any injury is hard. this is painful injury. this is long recovery. obviously surgery, who knows. he could be back the beginning of the next season. >> heather: he went on to say maybe i should break out the rocking chair and reminisce the career that was. this is how maybe my book ends. he worked really hard. >> heather: and people on painkillers, you have a baseball brawl that happened between the padres and the dodgers taking out $147 million pitcher.
1:55 pm
>> if you are a dodger fan or member of the dodgers, this is not how it should be done. pitchers are so delicate to get a guy injured like this is terrible. a lot of the dodger fans think he should be at least be out as long. >> heather: is it justifiable for have him miss eight games. there has been trouble between these two? >> that guy gets hit by a lot of pitchers but truth be told this is in line when a player does charge the mound. there have been fights in baseball. this is about, there was a guy gie that kicked a guy in the head and got seven games. if that guy is getting seven games, eight games makes sense. >> heather: you can't do that
1:56 pm
and get away with it. >> it's a painful image, nolan ryan having a guy in head lock. these guys fight. if baseball needs to change the rules they can do that and use this as the reason but right now that suspension falls in line with how they deal with the situations. >> heather: ending on two major injuries for two athletes to talk about. masters going on right now. who do you think is going to win? >> i think it will be angel cabrera. on it's not a tremendous prediction. all these guys have played before and don't well. i think angel cabrera looks cool out there. >> gregg: and i think he is looking good right now. still to come, secret recordings at the campaign headquarters of the top republican in the u.s. senate. latest informational on what his staff were digging up about
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
>>heather: hello, everyone, welcome to a brand new hour "inside america's news headquarters." >>gregg: a dramatic coast guard recuse caught on tail.
2:01 pm
america's heroes springing into action as a tugboat sinks. >>heather: weeks after the death of controversial leader chavez, people in venezuela are voting on the successor and their future. we will have a live report. >>gregg: you can find out if you are everprescribed antibiotics, something that affects you and your family. >>heather: growing fears that celebrations underway in north korea right now could end with a big bang. secretary of state john kerry today meeting with leaders in japan in a final push to ease tensions as north korea is said to america the 101st birthday of the founding leader by test firing a medium-range missile. and now from seoul, south korea, 30 miles from the border. >> we are just after 6:00 in the
2:02 pm
morning on monday here in south korea. so far, we have not seen anything offensive coming from across the border. we have seen a diplomatic offensive in the region. secretary of state john kerry wrapping up a four-day swing with a stop in japan while he says that pyongyang needs to back off including the threatened missile test and the united states will defend allies. he is saying the united states could be open to a variety approaches to the north, including multiparty talks and even direct diplomatic contact teen the united states and the north korean brass. all of this, however, is based on the north parting with its nuclears. >> we are committed to take action together. we, japan, the united states, and the other countries i have met with are committed to make the goal of denuclearization a
2:03 pm
reality. >> a problem with the young leader, kim jong-un is showing in signs of giving up the nuclear program and rejected calls from south korea for dialogue calling them a "clever trick" saying the country should drop its confrontational approach. as for the dangerous mid-range musudan missile it is set for possible firing with no reports of a new movement but an official said he did not believe a launch was imminent but it is mobile based and could be quickly readied. some analysts are saying that perhaps kim jong-un does not have to go bliss dick -- ballistic he may have gotten what he wanted, the world's attention. >>heather: thank you from south korea. >>gregg: gun control legislation is front and center
2:04 pm
on capitol hill as the senate prepares to debate the most far-reaching gun restriction bill in years. both sides are getting an early jump on it while appearing on the sunday political talk shows. steve was following it live in washington. this is, obviously, a very emotional and controversial issue. what are the chances of becoming law? >> it does face an uphill battle. republican senator toomey of pennsylvania and west virginia democrat joe manchin who cosponsor the bill say the vote this week will be very close. their bill would greatly expand background checks for those trying to buy guns and include gun shows and sales on the internet. it stops short of a universal check because private sales would still be allowed. the bill also deals with gun trafficking and school security. joe manchin met with some of the families of the school shooting in connecticut and says the more people learn about his bill the more they are going to like it.
2:05 pm
>> this is not a universal background check. this is a criminal and mental background check at gun shows and internet sales. it does not infringe on your right at a family to transfer guns back-and-forth, your right as neighbors, it does not infringe on that. >> he says it prohibits gun registration which some are worried about. >>gregg: any sign that republicans could actually come on board with this bill? >> a few might, but most are opposed to any restriction on gun purchase or ownership saying it infringes on their rights to bear arms and say that background checks will not solve the problem. >> we are missing a golden opportunity focusing on guns. we should focus on violence. that is the problem. guns is what they are using to commit violence. >> a similar measure will be unveiled in the house of representatives where it faces significant republican opposition. >>gregg: thank you, steve.
2:06 pm
>>heather: look at this, a dramatic rescue at sea off the coast of california. the coast guard saving four crew members who managed to jump on to a life a sinking tugboat that went down yesterday in heavy seas. the crew made a call and activated the electronic positioning equipment before abandoning ship. the four were located by a rescue helicopter. look at that. they were plucked from the water. no injuries were reported. investigators are trying to figure what caused the boat to sink. >>gregg: some extreme weather to tell you about. heavy snow, freezing rain this weekend as a wide-spread storm slams the northern plains and parts of the midwest. a strong wind and drifting snow created blizzard conditions and are expected to make for pretty dangerous travel conditions during tomorrow's commute. forecasters say some could see up to 12" of snow with ice
2:07 pm
patches as thick as quarter inch or more. >>heather: a plane crash in indonesia was reported yesterday. investigators now are working to find out what caused the plane to overshoot the runway while landing in bali and crash into the sea. more than 100 passengers and crew survived the terrifying crash. dozens were injured. eyewitness says the plane was flying very slowly, maybe because of dense fog and according to a survivor on board, water began filling the plane the moment it hit the water. >> venezuela is voting to elect the next president and successor to chavez. they must choose between the favored acting president and a governor who was defeated by chavez for president in october. the outcome could have a major effect on the future and their relationship with the united states. steve joins us live from our miami bureau with more.
2:08 pm
poll close in a little over an hour. any idea who will prevail? >> it is about 90 more minutes of voting inside venezuela. most polls have shown the acting president is a likely winner and will continue the policies of chavez. his campaign was "i am chavez." he has had state controlled media at his disposal, a tough goal for the challenger who lost to chavez six months ago and lately he seems to have been running against chavez ghost with a lost emotion a month after chavez's death. >>gregg: what difference did it make to the united states, who wins? >> venezuela is a major oil exporter, and the two candidates are opposite on how they stand toward the united states. the challenger is antiunited states and expelled two united states diplomats accusing them
2:09 pm
of treason and the challengers want to work with the united states. chavez controlled everything, so the united states hopes it will not be a semi dictatorship which is what we have had for years in venezuela. >>heather: it is the stuff of science fiction movies. the supreme court takes on this case preparing to take on who or they could decide who owned your d.n.a. >>gregg: i thought i did. actor hugh jackman and a scary moment at the gym. >>heather: tax day hours away but have you wondered how long you have to work in order to cover the cost of your taxes for the whole year? that answer is up next.
2:10 pm
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>>gregg: time if a quick check of the headlines. former president george w. bush
2:14 pm
is a grandfather, welcoming a little girl last night and naming her margaret laura after her grandmother. she is the second great grandchild for former president george h.w. bush. >> the supreme court taking on a case that affects your genetic makeup that calls into question whether human d.n.a. can be claimed as "intellectual property." >> a scary moment for actor hugh jackman. police arrested a female stalker who ran up to him at a new york gym and pulled out a razor and threw it at him. he was not injured. >>heather: tax freedom day or the day when most members have theoretically earned enough money to cover the full cost of a year's worth of taxes this year falls on april 18. but that is actually five days
2:15 pm
later than last year, meaning that we are all working a little bit harder for uncle sam. the founder and c.e.o. of the powell financial group joins us again with a little bit more. thank you for joining us. >> this tax freedom day is pushed back every year since 2009. what does that mean? >> every year since obama has been president we have had to work harder and keep less of what we have earned. >>heather: i found this so mindboggling that this group called the tax foundation, they came up with these statistics and say it takes 40 days of workers working, to go toward paying off federal, state, and local income taxes. payroll facts require another 24 days of work. then you tag on an additional 15 days for sales and excise taxes. it goes on and on. >> and property taxes and corporate taxes on top of everything else.
2:16 pm
they count everything. after all, the government is always trying to find ways to sneak in another tax and not call it a tax. >>heather: when do we earn money for ourselves and going back into the community? >> this year, april 19 on average but if you are in a high tax state like new jersey, new york, or connecticut, you are not get willing out from under it until may. it depends without live. >>heather: next year? >> there are tremendous tax headwinds going into next year. you have the fiscal cliff resolution that kurd at the beginning of year upping the top tax break to 39.6 percent and the elimination of deductions for people making more than $300,000. you have the restatement, rather, the re-positioning of the full payroll tax so everyone is paying more taxes. $200 billion is coming out of the economy. that is okay if you take the stand that the government will spend it more wisely than you
2:17 pm
will, then it is six of one half a dozen of the other but if you think people spend their own money more whitesly this is -- wisely, this is a headwind. health you take it to the privately held businesses and the communities, and people trying to get ahead, what do they need to do? what needs to change? >> what needs to change is the tax code but that is probably not what is going to happen. what is happen this year you can see it in the retail numbers, the last two out of three months with have had less retail sales than we would have expected. they were down. this is really bad for the overall economy. you are going to start seeing, you already are see it in the confidence number, the worst confidence numbers in nine months. if that continues, you will see it in hiring, the last payroll numbers only 88,000 jobs, that will continue. these are head wins for the overall economy. i am not for recasting recession
2:18 pm
but it will not take much. >>heather: retail numbers and hiring numbers has a trickle down effect. >> if you are not confident you don't fire. if you are not k you don't give a raise or spend money and that drags the whole economy down. >>heather: april 18 is tax freedom day. >> and get your taxes done by tomorrow. >>heather: you are in trouble if you are waiting. >> have you got your taxes done? >>gregg: so long ago. my wife, she is prepared. pope francis giving a strong message to priests in a sunday mass which was hardly routine. we will tell what you he said that is getting so much attention. >>heather: a media whitewash concerning allegations that the campaign headquarters of senator mcconnell were bugged as aides discussed ashley judd. our political insiders have their say.
2:19 pm
>> as i indicated they were attacking my wife's ethnicity and also, bugging my headquarters, much like nixon and watergate. that is what the political left does these days. and those are my final four picks. now over to you charles???? sir charles' single miles card left him blacked out. he's coming to us from home. that's gotta be traveling. now instead of covering the final four, he's stuck covering fourth graders. brick! bobby is 1 for 36. mikey? he keeps taking these low-percentage shots.
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i just fed the recommended amount... and they both loved the taste. after a few months max's "special powers" returned... and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight. after a few months max's "special powers" returned... >>heather: it is the brought o the hour and time for the top of the news. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with leaders in japan as the showdown with north korea goes on. he says the united states is willing to re-open talks with north korea if the regime abides by previous agreements on nuclear weapons. >> in venezuela voters are replacing the late chavez. people began lining up to vote three hours before the polls opened. >> pope francis is telling priests that their actions must match their words because the credibility of the church is on the line.
2:24 pm
his remarks come during sunday mass. >> we following the investigation into the shocking murders of the two prosecutors in texas. a former justice of the peace now is in police custody charged with making a terrorist threat. f.b.i. agents searched williams' north texas hole on friday gathering evidence as part of the dominic joins us now live from los angeles with the latest. dominic? >> we are getting actually numerous reports he could be charged but authorities are not confirming or denying this. the sheriff said he has not been charged and we have not named any suspects, prime suspects or "person of interest" in the case. the investigation continues and all leads and tips are being worked. in the contest, the authorities are asking to double the reward
2:25 pm
to find the killers of the texas prosecutors, a sign they could be short on you clues. >>heather: do we know why the f.b.i. and other agencies were searching overnight through two storage units? did they belong they williams? >> there is no official confirmation that the storage was williams but they took away a crown victoria and the feds have done a sweep of his mouth on friday. they took away papers and computer stuff this. the authorities are still looking for a motivation behind the assassinations of the prosecutors. >> people who have been noticed are those who have been prosecuted by the office or who have a personal vendetta. that is what the investigators are looking at now.
2:26 pm
>> vendetta is quite a word. he was convicted for corruption but he was labeled a man of no honor and he was described as being "evil." authorities have not said anything about that and as they say, williams has not been charged. we are hearing from texas that developments could emerge fairly soon in the next few hours. >>heather: thank you, dominic. >>gregg: president obama not only continues to fall in the polls but entering territory what no elected leader wants to be. look at this "wall street journal" poll, the latest president losing steam since the re-election now 47 percent of americans say he is doing a good job but more people, 48 percent, say he we is not. this puts the president underwater, negative approval rating with more disapproving than approving his job
2:27 pm
performance. and now our political insiders, john leboutillier, former republican congressman for new york. pat caddell, former pollster for president jimmy carter. and doug schoen, a former pollster for bill clinton. gentleman, good to see you. the third straight survey showing a decline for president obama. half disapprove of his handling of the economy. >> that is the real issue. bottom line, the american people are increasingly souring on an economy that could well be weakening despite a first quarter that has been better than many expected. it is also behind something else. the president realizes that his crash and burn and blame the republicans at all costs and say that the sequester is going to hurt the country because and only because the republicans, it is not working. >>gregg: he made it worse. >> precisely. he has pivoted back in the direction of bipartisanship with
2:28 pm
his budget and with his charm offensive to try to promote some sense that he is trying to do a deal where he hasn't done that before. >>gregg: is the declining popularity hurting or helping the agenda? >> it is hurting the agenda because any president weakens, and his numbers would be worse if he had opposition or knew how to make a narrative. some of the mean spirited let them eat cake, you don't get to go to the white house, there are symbolic i thinks that tick people off and his problem is that by exaggerating for political purposes. the economy, other than the stock market, real jobs, real people, they don't care. >> you buy guns bipartisanship? >> absolutely. it is ludicrous. doug has spring fever. these guys, these people the
2:29 pm
budget is, there will be no cuts until the end of the term. the changed cpi is one thing but it should have been done a long time ago and now the left is upset. >> it extended social security for only two years. >> but meanwhile --. >>gregg: john? >> what doug said about obama applies in a mirror on to the republicans. their popularity is now so low and declining or staying low. they also need a change in the feeling, the agenda, and they are reaching out to obama. everyone is waking up to the fact --. >> it is the appearance. >> slash and burn isn't working for anyone and out of the talking that is going on we do have kernels of hope. we came on here the week after newtown, the three of us with you and we said, finally, obama
2:30 pm
and biden are not just talking about gun control, they are talking about mental health, video games and hollywood culture of violence. we now read that quietly in the gun control debate in the senate along with guns, magazines, background checks, there is a serious push to do a lot about mental health which is something --. it is not obama. it is people other than obama who have seized the vacuum. he is empty. >> back to my purse point, we are, i think, going do have a serious vote on a serious proposal biomansion and pat toomey to do background checks. we have a consensus on immigration forming. that along with the possibility, and i call it a possibility, on the budget suggests to me that there is real possibility in the spring we can break out with bipartisanship. >> as long as he is doing taxes the way three is doing taxes...he, again, was 60 days
2:31 pm
late with the budget. >>gregg: the rasmussen poll on tax hikes to fund the federal government, a scant 28 percent agree with that and 63 percent disagree. >> this is where obama is failing. his budget that he released two weeks ago which does open up the door, which the left didn't like, the beginning of the opening of the door on medicare and social security predicated on huge new taxes on the rich. >> >>gregg: why does this have to be tied together? >> this is washington. >> we gave you $600 billion is what they are saying, we will not now give you $1.1 trillion in new taxes. >> they will not do new taxes in rate increases but they will do
2:32 pm
closing of loopholes on deductions. >> if you make more than $1 million you have at least a bare minimum of 30 percent in taxes? i know that the president only --. >> you will not see that. no buffett rule. no buffett rule. >> how about carried and? >> no carried interest, either. because the bundlers are carrying it. >> let me say this, the people getting screwed in this are the ordinary americans. they will get nothing. these guys that own the system will get everything. >> if the republicans are smart they would counter obama by saying you want new taxes we will lead the charges to get rid of the carried interest exexception. >>gregg: he is called for $50 billion more in stimulus spending. the last stimulus at $1 translate was unpopular, still. ed. >> i don't think he will get $50
2:33 pm
billion. he wants to spend must be. this deal is embarrassing in the sense that it does nothing to tackle long-term -- and he got rid of the sequester. >> even if you are right and so far it is all theater, back to how you opened. the tact that the president's ratings are so bad for a historic figure, the first african-american president now re-elected is going down at a time he state ought to be enjoying a honeymoon. he needs something to let verse this trend, first, for the short term and, (b), also for history. the way is a long-term budget deal and he is making up to it. >> maybe he has to do this and the economy is pushing him because consumer sentiment is the lowest level in nine months. retail sales are faltering and people are cutting back on spending. >> that is right. the republicans have basically said we willing to consider
2:34 pm
additional revenue if we don't have to raise rates. the democrats through obama said we will take on entitlements and we have the debt ceiling which we run up against in july again, and all of that is a recipe for a deal and if there is no deal and i am wrong and it doesn't happen, we are in for troubled times. >> the economy is getting worse for ordinary people. >> i don't think you can look at this, what washington doesn't care about is what is happening to the average american, what they are care about. we are told the storm is great because the fed is printing money like crazy. and to build up assets for banks but no one will stand up. what we have is a set of policemen dynamics which are relevant to so many americans. >>gregg: the taxes are kicking in, employers are dropping their obama health care or they are switching to higher workers' contribution and people with their own coverage are paying higher premiums. >> it is already beginning. you can see the unintended
2:35 pm
consequences. >> contributing to the decline in the president's levels? >> it is only going. for four years, when any us, anyone watching, goes to the drugstore and cannot get something or the price is higher or a doctor is closed, whatever, you will blame it on obamacare. it will eat this thing away. >> we are not even getting the health exchanges he promised that would save us money. >> it is falling apart. >> if your party was not so brain dead they would have a narrative up each day and say the latest outrage on obamacare. it is all about, that is not what you promised us. >> how about the cancer chin i - clinics you cannot get the cancer care at a health care
2:36 pm
clinic. >>gregg: more on the secret recording of mcconnell's strategy meeting, is the media giving those who broke the law and bugged the office, a free bass? our political insiders are here. ♪ using telemedical and mobile technologies, verizon innovators are connecting trauma surgeons to patients in the field. helping them get the attention they need, before they even reach the hospital. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
2:37 pm
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to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. >>heather: now a check of the headlines, north korea rejecting south korea's call for talks to resolve rising nuclear tensions in the region. pyongyang says it has no intention of talking with seoul and dismisses the call as a "crafty trick." a woman is dead and a man is missing in after launches east of seattle. authorities say the pair of spring avalanches struck separate groups hiking in the mountains. >> overnight blizzard dumped new snow in the colorado mountains and whiteout conditions with gusts up to 93 miles per hour
2:41 pm
prompted road closings. >>gregg: the media is the moral equivalent by glossing over allegations that senator mcconnell's campaign headquarters in kentucky was secretly and illegally bugged. some of the media compare this to standard opposition research on political opponents which is perfectly legal. in the case, the staff discusses actress ashley judd, a potential challenger for his senate seat focusing on her past mental health. >> she clearly is emotionally imbalanced. she suffered suicidal tendencies and hospitalized and had a mental breakdown. >>gregg: now our political insiders. congressman, the media is outraged not that his office got bugged which is arguably against
2:42 pm
the law, it is a crime, but, they are outraged that he was thinking about using some opposition research against ashley judd which is as old as grandma moses. >> it is the role of the opposition to dig up information and use it in a campaign. nothing wrong with it if you dig it up legally. i didn't hear the liberals upset when suddenly last september what surfaced but the 47 percent video of romney. this one, here we have the f.b.i. on wednesday and thursday in kentucky checking out what happened. this is a very serious possible federal or state felony we to bug the guy's office. that is serious. and wrong. digging up stuff on ashley judd, whether the liberals like it ought not, although she lives in tennessee and not kentucky and
2:43 pm
spoke at the democratic convention administration part of the tennessee delegation, there is nothing wrong with that. you >>gregg: both sides have done this forever. >> take the alleged spoof, when james o'keefe went into mary landrieu's senate office and he was indicted and they resolved it with a plea but just say the moral equivalence was not there when that happened. >> this is because the pettiness, look, we had this week both houses with no debate, took away disclosure on the internet from, guess who? the 28,000 people in the house of representatives and senate including members of congress. they took away the disclosures and nobody said a word in the media. why? we have systematic corruption. last week, on "new york times",
2:44 pm
senator baucus head of the finance committee announced it turns out his aides are now lobbyists and we have him the in day saying he is going to give us tax reform and the "washington post" talking about it. he gave the tax breaks at the end of the fiscal cliff. >> he is writing the tax laws and tax reforms, the democrat of montana heading the tax committee in the senate, and 28, 28 of his former aides are now tax lobbyists. >> we need to be in a country where people can go through a revolving door, wait a while and then surface as lobbyists why not say if you are on the steps you don't lobby? why do we need that? >> david stockman the head of the omb under reagan has a book and calls for that, that any person who served in the legislative branch, congress people, staff people, life-time ban on lobbying. you can never lobby.
2:45 pm
>> lifetime ban. >> professor at harvard, a very liberal professor, describes the political system as banana republic. it is the people in america against the political class of corruption. >> you use the word systematic corruption. this is not the cash to agnew, this is different. >> they don't want to get into the corruption because, unfortunately, so many of them are corrupt. >> they part of a process where people don't take on those interests that have power and glue. >> your idea of a lifetime just got a standing ovation in the control room. >> that is david stockman's idea. >> that is rowflective of the public opinion poll on congress.
2:46 pm
79 percent. >> you know the joke, we are down to the core of 15 percent who approve and frankly i have not met any those people. have you? >> or the bundlers who buy capitol hill they had their disclosure forms removed from the intent. >> that is why they approved it. >> this is not a minor issue. the corruption going on is affecting every man, woman, and child in this country to their detriment. it is hurting our children's future. it is people who can go and buy access and buy deals. you have career politicians in washington that have never held another job and don't know how to do anything else but do this. they do it badly. >> you have the sequester that is killing economic growth, hours the country and hurts labor exercise participation. >> term limits? >> we need, we tried that, and they will not pass it on
2:47 pm
themselves they should have term limits on congressional staff, too. >> the revolveing door is part of the problem. make them go home after they have served. don't let them stay in washington. >>gregg: no one wants to go home, either. >> thank you, gentleman. more of our political insiders every monday morning and they will be back here next sunday. also, they are on twitter. >>heather: a new medical concern to tell you about, why your chances of being prescribed antibiotics could depend on where you live and why doctors say that is a bad thing. hi i'm terry, and i have diabetic nerve pain. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness but yet you have the pain
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>>gregg: an eye opening medical report now showing your chances of being prescribed antibiotics may depend on where you live. >>heather: doctors say it is helping to breed a new culture of drug-resistants bacteria. a practicing internist and faculty from new york university school of medicine joints us. how is this breeding a new form
2:52 pm
of --. >> with the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940's we started realizing soon that the more antibiotics you start using, the more you select out bacteria that are resistant to those antibiotics. the bacteria are smart. what we have been doing for 50 years is promoting resistance. we fell in love with the use of antibiotics because it cured certain bacterias. on the other hand we started using it across the board for conditions that did not require them. >>gregg: there are high are rates of obesity and smoking in areas where more antibiotic use. >> in the south, for some reason, more antibiotic use is prescribed. it is the result they have more bacteria infections? i doubt that. it is an expectation level. doctors and patients believe
2:53 pm
that the antibiotic is an insurance policy and somehow you are going to shorten the illness, you will, the patients will get better quicker and this is a culture that we need to change. patients come to see me demanding antibiotics. head health it is not just a matter of difference in the region but often antibudgettics are given more to younger and older patients. >> a mother come ms. and says my 8-year-old has a terrible ear infection. last time she took the antibiotic she got better fast. the doctor will have a hard time convincing that mother not to take the antibiotic. people are convinced the antibiotics shorten the illness but in reality it is validating though are bias. they got better even without it. if you have a cold you would still be sick for five or six days but the antibiotics carry
2:54 pm
real risk: allergy, and you can die great an injection. you can even run too your tendon >>heather: as the result of an antibiotic? we don't know exactly why but it is true. remarks and diarrhea that people get from the antibiotic. you could end up possibly in the hospital as a result of that. antiboughtings -- antibiotics are not harmless. they are great if you have bacteria. >>gregg: they do not fight virus bethey are all prescribed as helping virus. >> you cannot be senator. there are clues you have bacteria, high fever, sudden onset, that is usually bacteria.
2:55 pm
99 percent just being achy a little, that is virus. patients should say, look, doctor, if you are comfortable not giving it to me i am happy. if you ask for it, they will give it to you. >>gregg: you have a trick. >> i know a patients expect the antibiotic so i give them a prescription i say don't fill it unless you have shaky chills and they are happy, they when to the doctor, they got what they wanted but they never took the antibiotic and they got better the next day and that is the end. >>heather: take your own health into your own hands. >> be aware that antibiotics are not harmless. the majority of the the illnesses will get better in five or six days. >>gregg: in china, 13 deaths from the bird flu.
2:56 pm
author concerned about a vaccine. the new technology permits us to isolate the genome and start to develop a vaccine faster than we did before. this virus does not spread person-to-person. unless the virus changes we are still okay unless you have close contact with poultry but the new technology will facilitate a new vaccine as an accelerated rate. >>gregg: that does it for us. fox news sunday with chris wallace is next. >>heather: i will see you back at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. ♪
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